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Sunrise (etc.) is incorrect



  • Stephen

    Walter - I'm guessing you're using the Android version of the app? If so, just look at the details page and move the time slider: the azimuth and altitude of the sun are shown numerically and the azimuth is shown on the map as you change the time.

  • Walter J

    Spectacular events - like the „rolling sun phenomenon” and the „double sunset” – are in connection with the elevation angle of the sun.

    How can I calculate, to a given latitude and time, the angles of the rising and the setting sun e.g. at the solstices and the equinoxes ? ( I mean the angle of the path of the rising sun from a given point of the horizon, which, in the rolling sun phenomenon, is equal to the angle of the slope of the mountain.)

    Thank you in advance:

    Walter J. 



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